The Best Prescription Sunglasses for Your Face

When you’re daily routine involves being chased by the paparazzi and constantly having your photo taken, it’s no wonder celebrities set the bar for eyewear fashion.  As they stroll through the streets, sprint to their cars, or lunch on the patio of the latest “it” restaurant their sunglasses of choice offer them a sense of animosity and a shield to the prying eyes of the public.  So it’s no wonder we turn to them and their expertise when it comes to selecting the perfect statement making shades of the season.

While we may not be photographed once we step out the door we still love our oversized, of the moment, sunglasses just the same and we can all aspire to have the perfect fitting frames much like our celebrities of choice, because after all the right pair of shades can transform any day, mood, or outfit.

Below you will find Refinery29’s guide to picking the best sunglasses for your face shape, with a little help from your favorite celebrity sunglass savants, and we think it’s pretty spot on!

Diamond Shaped Face: Rhianna

Diamond Face Shape               

Rihanna’s oval sunglasses might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, the sleek horizontal lenses flatter a narrow diamond-shaped face. Although, let’s be honest: Everything looks good on Rihanna.

Round Face: Olivia Palermo

Round Face Shape

Olivia Palermo rocked these Dior shades at Fashion Weeks across the globe — possibly because the round lenses match her round face shape. The aviator-oversized sunglass hybrid not only complement her features, but also add some edge to the blogger’s outfit.

Heart-Shaped Face: Taylor Swift

Heart Face Shape

Taylor’s in tune with what works with a heart-shaped face: Not only are the side-swept bangs working well, but the classic Ray-Ban wayfarers rest perfectly on the widest part of her face. They’re also in line with Taylor’s vintage-inspired aesthetic. But, wayfarers are a universally flattering frame — for almost any face shape and outfit.

Oblong: Jessica Alba

Oblong Face shape

“Oblong” means you have a long and narrow shape. So, Jessica Alba goes for an oversized look so as to not make her face appear any longer. And, mirrored lenses are the easiest way to go incognito. Alba’s bright Westward Leaning frames are doing a pretty good job at hiding the starlet.

Rectangle-Shaped Face: Jessica Biel

Rectangle Face Shape

There’s a reason why aviators are a classic choice. Much like Taylor Swift’s wayfarers, they’re incredibly versatile. And, the smooth, curved shape make them a solid option for people with a longer, angular face, like Jessica Biel.

Oval Face: Eva Mendes

Oval Face Shape

Oval-faced folks look good in most frame shapes and sizes — lucky for them. Eva goes for the classic celebrity sunglasses style: round and oversized. They shield you from the sun, from paps, and from any chance of being spotted — that is, unless she walks into Starbucks with Ryan Gosling and their baby in tow.

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