The Aviator Prescription Sunglass

Aviator Prescription Sunglasses

When it comes to selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses for the season we all have our go-to shapes, our standards on how big is too big, our color preference from classics like black and tortoise to bold color pallets like blue and red, and if we’re so bold we may even dare to adorn our face with the seasons latest standout prints and patterns. Regardless of what your personal preference is the shape of your designer prescription sunglasses help to tell your story, where you’ve been, where you are and even who you hope to become.

Aviator Prescription Sunglasses

Aviator prescription sunglasses are classic through and through.  Not many sunglass silhouettes hold the same nostalgia as the Aviator.  Originally designed for the Air Corps and Navy during World War II the Aviator sunglasses have become a symbol of the heroism of the brave souls during that time.   Since then the Aviator has been worn by rock stars, social activist, politicians, celebrity heartthrobs, and trendsetters alike.  Not for the faint of heart, the aviator sunglass undoubtedly makes a statement about who you are, and where you’re going.  In the current fashion eyewear industry you will hard pressed to find a brand that doesn’t offer one, if not a handful, of different takes on this iconic frame within their eyewear collection.

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