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Spotlight on Oakley Technology

Oakley is one of the world’s leaders in sunglasses and prescription eyewear.  Their claim to fame is their innovative technology and desire to be the best in sports specific eyewear.  Oakley has been making their own prescription lenses for over 15 years and since 2010 they have processed all their Rx lenses with Oakely True Digital technology; a technology specifically designed for wrapped sunglass frames and even more specifically for the avid athlete who wears prescription glasses.  The lenses are designed to give you a full peripheral view throughout the lens instead of the traditional lens which mainly focuses on the objects in front of you.  Over the last year Oakley has taken that technology to an even greater height with sport specific progressive lens for fishing, cycling, and golf.  Below are the features that keep Oakley at the top of the leaderboard in sport specific eyewear.

Golf Specific Progressive lenses-

  • FAIRWAY ZONE: A wide golf-specific distance zone, delivers crisp vision above the fitting point allowing golfers to easily follow the ball down the fairway.
  • PUTTING ZONE: A long and even golf-specific intermediate zone allows golfers to hit the ball with a more natural head posture;
  • RECOMMENDED LENS TINTSG30 Iridium, G30 Iridium Polarized

Jeff’s Recommendation: Oakley Flak Jacket with G30 Iridium Lens


 Cycling Specific Progressive Lenses-

  • RIDING ZONE: A cycling-specific distance zone, up to 20° above the fitting cross, provides sharp vision at a rider’s natural head position: chin down, eyes rotated up.
  • ELECTRONIC ZONE: A cycling-specific intermediate and reading zone, allows the rider a clear view of the bike computer without hiding road obstacles hidden by a wider near.
  • RECOMMENDED LENS TINTS: OO Red Iridium Polarized, VR28 Black Iridium Polarized, Black Iridium Polarized

 Jeff’s Recommendation: Oakley Racing Jacket with VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Lens


Fishing Specific Progressive lens-

  • CASTING ZONE: A wide fishing-specific far vision zone delivers crisp vision across the distance providing the details to scan, cast and spot fish.
  • BAITING ZONE: A wide near zone makes baiting easier for the large variety of fishing demands.
  • RECOMMENDED LENS TINTS: Deep Blue Iridium Polarized, Shallow Blue Iridium Polarized, Bronze Polarized

Jeff’s Recommendation: Oakley Straight Jacket with Bronze Polarized Lens



Jeff — SCO Optics Specialist

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