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Costa 101: Everything You Need To Know About Costa Prescription Eyewear


Costa Del Mar is one of the most well-known eyewear brands in the United States. Costa was born on the water back in 1983, in Daytona Beach, Florida to a man who was passionate about providing the most protective and high-performance sunglasses possible to on-water professionals.

Over thirty years later, Costa continues to live on the water, providing a variety of the highest quality prescription lenses on the market, available in a number of proprietary lens materials and tints. Costa’s lenses are housed in the brand’s signature frames, also made from the finest materials.

Aside from the incredible product that Costa delivers, this brand is dedicated to giving back to the environment. Costa has implemented several measures in the production of their glasses to reduce their carbon footprint by kicking plastic to save our planet’s waters. Costa has also partnered with Ocearch, an at-sea lab that studies the oceans’ ecosystems to protect and preserve them.

Let’s dive right in and see what’s out there with Costa Del Mar.

Lens Materials

Costa is one of few brands to offer a variety of lens materials, allowing you to select the perfect lens for your environment and lifestyle. Costa offers modern shatter-resistant lenses such as Trivex and Polycarbonate, as well as traditionally scratch proof Glass lenses, all fine-tuned for heightened performance.

Costa 400P: The 400-series lens is one of Costa’s original offerings and became wildly popular due to its performance, protection, and cost efficiency. The 400P lens is a lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate lens, available in all of Costa’s famous polarized lens tints.

Costa 580P: The Costa 580 Series lenses were designed by in-house visible light spectrum experts to make colors and contrast pop to create a clearer, sharper polarized lens. The 580 lenses are arguably some of the clearest lenses on the market thanks to their ability to block yellow light at 580 nm, which boosts reds, greens, and blues.

Eliminating the harsh yellow light allows the 580 series lenses to enhance colors and sharpen contrast, creating a higher performance lens that allows you to essentially see in HD.

Costa’s 580 series lenses are also excellent for your eyes’ health. All of Costa’s lenses are 100% UVA/UVB blocking, and polarized to repel harmful glare. Additionally, the 580 technology protects your eyes from HEV light which is attributed to causing cataracts, macular degeneration, and other optical ailments.

The 580 lens technology is available in three high lens materials:
1. Costa 580P Polycarbonate: This is Costa’s thinnest 580 lens option. Polycarbonate is the most widely used optical lens material on the market today thanks to its impact resistance.

Costa enhances polycarbonate with C-Wall technology, which gives these lenses unparalleled scratch resistance.

2. Costa 580P Trivex: This is Costa’s lightest 580 lens material. Trivex is gaining ground on polycarbonate as it is also an impact-resistant lens material. While Trivex is about 10% thicker than polycarbonate, it is about 10% lighter and boasts a slightly higher ABBE rating, making Trivex the most optically clear, shatterproof lenses available.

Because shatterproof lenses aren’t known for their scratch resistance, the 580 Trivex lenses are also treated with C-Wall technology.

3. Costa 580P Glass: This is Costa’s most scratch-resistant lens. As the names eyeglass and sunglass imply, glass is the original lens material, and fewer and fewer labs are continuing to surface glass prescription lenses.

Luckily, Costa still sees the value in the most optically clear lens material and perfected it. Costa’s glass lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than your average glass lens, boasting the crispest, clearest optics, and unprecedented scratch resistance. This applies even to mirror treated lenses, as the mirror coating is encapsulated between layers of glass.

**The Costa Glass Lenses are currently available in single vision and progressive in all of their full-rim plastic frames, excluding the Bloke, Corbina, Manta, Permit, Reefton, Kiwa, and Rincon. Additionally, glass lenses are not available in any combination, metal, or rimless frames.


Lens Tints

While the lens material plays a key role in the thickness, weight, and clarity of your lenses, the tint is just as important. Light conditions are ever changing, which is why selecting the perfect lens tint is so critical. The right lens for the right conditions will help you see what’s out there clearer, and will improve your performance.

Costa offers seven various lens tints which accommodate a variety of light conditions.


The Blue Mirror Lens boasts a dark 10% VLT, letting only 10% of visible light through. This lens features a grey base tint and is ideal for full-sun situations, especially if you are out on the open water. This is a great lens tint for boating and deep-water fishing.

The Green Mirror Lens has the same VLT as the Blue Mirror, at 10%, but is a contrast enhancing lens thanks to its copper base tint. This lens works best in full sun conditions and is excellent for sight fishing.

The Gray Silver Mirror Lens also features a 10% VLT and is a nice, neutral tinted lens which makes it ideal for sunny day activities on water and land. The silver mirror also provides a more neutral aesthetic than the iconic Blue and Green options above.

The Copper Silver Mirror Lens is another great lens for everyday use. This lens lets a little more light through, boasting a 12% VLT, and features a contrast-enhancing copper base. The Copper Silver Mirror is extremely versatile handling full-sun and overcast days spent sight fishing, or just cruising around town.

Costa’s Gray Lens is their standard neutral, non-mirrored lens tint offering. This 12% VLT Lens is a perfect lens for those who like a less reflective aesthetic, but still want protection from the sun during everyday use.

Costa’s Copper Lens is their standard neutral, non-mirrored, contrast-enhancing lens tint offering. Also boasting a 12% VLT, this lens is going to enhance color and contrast and makes a terrific everyday lens. This lens is also great for sight fishing, even on cloudy days.

The Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens is Costa’s lightest lens tint with a 30% VLT and contrast enhancing light amber lens tint. This mirrored tint is ideal for sunrise and sunset activities, or very overcast days in which you need a little boost of contrast.

Frame Materials

Costa strives to Kick Plastic to the curb, which is why the foundation for all of Costa’s sunglasses are made from Bio-Resin Raw Material.


In addition to being eco-friendly, Bio-Resin makes a phenomenal frame material as it holds its shape under even the harshest conditions.

Bio-Resin is the material that makes their TR-90 nylon material. Using these premium materials, Costa delivers plastic eyeglasses that are as eye-catching as they are durable and dependable.

If you prefer metal frames, Costa’s drive to use only the finest materials applies to their metallic frames as well. Marine-grade corrosion-resistant Monel and lightweight titanium are the materials of choice when it comes to building metal frames that withstand the test of time.

Costa also has combination frames that utilize both the Bio-Resin nylon and the ultra-durable metals. These are some of Costa’s most funky and unique styles, using a hybrid of materials to push the boundaries of style and performance.

Finally, there are a few rimless Costa frames. Some of the rimless frames feature metal nose pieces and temple arms, while some feature the unique nylon blend. Regardless, rimless frames tend to be the lightest weight on the market due to minimal materials resting on your face.

Adorning most of Costa’s frames are Hydrolite rubber components, which can be found on the nose pieces and temple arms. This proprietary, hypoallergenic rubber prevents your glasses from sliding down your nose, even in the sweatiest conditions.

Finally, Costa offers three different styles of hinges that are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel: integral, spring, and five-barrel. Each hinge style is designed to withstand the test of time, to match the durability of the frames and lenses.


Costa stands behind their Florida-made product, which is why all frames are backed with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, and their prescription lenses carry a two-year warranty against defect in materials or workmanship.

Even if you accidentally sat on your glasses, Costa’s expert repair team may be able to fix your glasses for a nominal fee. For any prescription warranty questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-507-1230 and one of our optical specialists will happily assist.

Inside Costa

Costa is committed to protecting our environment so that people can continue to enjoy the wonders of our world for many generations to come. This commitment involves communities and athletes alike, and every Costa purchase supports the noble causes they back. Check out the photos and links below for more information.

Ocearch is an at-sea lab that explores our planet’s oceans and wildlife. Costa has teamed with Ocearch in the Don’t Fear the Fin Movement, a fight to save sharks in order to help protect our oceans. CostaTileLongOcearch

It is a sad reality that plastic waste is making its way to our waterways, and it is wreaking havoc on our aquatic ecosystems. Costa is dedicated to decreasing the amount of plastics they use and are working to promote eco-friendly ways to minimize plastic waste to protect our waters.CostaTileLongKickPlastic

Indifly is a movement and organization born out of a Costa project to help a Guyana rainforest village by sharing the sport of fly fishing with communities to allow economic development and ecological conservation to coexist successfully. CostaTileLongIndifly

Protect Guyana was the first Indifly mission to protect the first hidden land of many waters. This South American nation is teeming with wildlife both on land and in water. Costa in association with Indifly created an award-winning documentary about their work in Guyana.CostaTileLongProtectGuyana




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Now Introducing Authentic Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses at Salt City Optics

For 80 years, Ray-Ban has debuted a number of timeless frame styles which feature signature Ray-Ban lenses, including the iconic logo in the upper right corner of the lens, and etched brand initials on the edge of the left lens.


After much anticipation, Ray-Ban now offers their famous lenses in your prescription. Choose from ten of Ray-Ban’s most popular polarized and non-polarized lens tints, available in your favorite Ray-Ban frames.

Lens Tints

Ray-Ban offers their most popular lens tints in both single vision and progressive prescriptions, in their shatterproof premium polycarbonate lens material. Here is a list of the available authentic tints:



Available in polarized and non-polarized.

Ray-Ban made the grey-green tint an iconic lens color with the introduction of their G-15 lens. The G-15’s grey color offers a neutral color perception while the green hue serves to enhance contrast for better visual clarity. This lens handles all light conditions with ease with a 15% VLT (which means this lens blocks 85% of visible light).




Available in polarized and non-polarized.

The B-15 also boasts a 15% VLT, just as the name implies. This brown tint offers enhanced contrast, especially in low light conditions. For those who like brown tinted lenses, the B-15 tint is a wonderful option as it handles all light conditions well, and is available in either polarized or non-polarized prescription lenses.


Blue Mirror


Available in polarized and non-polarized.

Ray-Ban’s Blue Mirror lens features the brand’s iconic G-15 base tint which is then coated with a vibrant blue mirror finish, and backside anti-reflective coating. The mirror finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes the lenses completely opaque, meaning lookers on cannot see your eyes through the lenses. In addition to aesthetics, the mirror also serves to repel glare. This lens tint is best for medium to bright light conditions.


Silver Mirror


Available in polarized and non-polarized.

For those who enjoy mirror finishes but want a more neutral look, Ray-Ban’s Silver Mirror is a great choice. The Silver Mirror is applied to the iconic G-15 base tint, and makes the lenses completely opaque while enhancing contrast, repelling glare, and darkening the lens a bit. This lens will perform best in medium to bright conditions.


Copper Mirror


Available as non-polarized only.

The Copper Mirror boasts the same benefits as the Silver and Blue mirrors above, but the main difference in this lens from the other two is that this lens’s base tint is a rosy-brown. The rose base tint is an ultra-contrast enhancing tint, and because of how naturally light rose lenses are, the mirror finish darkens the lens while also repelling glare. This lens tint is ideal for low to medium light conditions.




Available as non-polarized only.

Ray-Ban’s Blue-Grey lens is a signature look that most labs do not offer. These classic lenses provide the most natural color, just darker, and the lens also blocks 85% of visible light. If you have sensitive eyes, this is a great tint for you.


Grey Gradient


Available as polarized only.

The Grey Gradient tint offers a twist on the standard grey lens. This gradient lens is darkest at the very top of the lens, and gradually lightens towards the bottom of the lens. This provides a unique look that also blocks out glare and brightness from shiny surfaces, still providing adequate protection even in the lighter, bottom portion of the lens.


Brown Gradient


Available as polarized only.

Just like the gradient tint above, but in a contrast-enhancing brown. If you typically enjoy brown-base tint lenses but want to mix up your look a bit, the Brown Gradient Polarized lens by Ray-Ban is a perfect way to do so. The polarization reduces reflections and further enhances contrast, providing you with a more comfortable viewing experience.


Blue Gradient


Available as polarized only.

This gradient tint by Ray-Ban is slightly different than the two above, as this is a grey-blue gradient lens with a blue flash mirror. The flash mirror adds just a little bit of shine and color to the lenses, while also repelling glare and enhancing contrast. These lenses perform well in any light conditions.


Orange Mirror


Available as polarized only.

Ray-Ban’s Orange Mirror is one of the brand’s flashier lens tints. The Orange Mirror is applied to the well-loved B-15 brown base tint. The vibrant Orange Mirror serves to further darken the lens, ideal for those who love brown lenses but experience light sensitivity.  The mirror also works hand in hand with the polarization filter to block out as much glare as possible. This lens is best for medium to bright conditions.



Ready to upgrade to high-quality Ray-Ban prescription lenses? It’s never been easier to purchase authentic eyewear online. Just visit THIS LINK to shop authentic Ray-Ban prescription eyewear now.

beach style
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Sand and Shine: Beach Style

After a gloriously long Memorial Day weekend, we here at Salt City Optics are ready to head down to the beach for the rest of summer. A little salt in our hair, a little sand between our toes, and the perfect sunnies to keep us protected and looking sharp all day long. Beach style is all about being laid-back and relaxed while soaking up the sun, while never blending in. We’ve collected some of the best easy, breezy summer sunglasses to choose from to help you get ready for all of your upcoming summer vacations. All of these sunglasses are available in prescription lenses and are customizable so you can pick the best lenses for your style!


Wrap sunglasses

Dockside and Farrah

Left: Smith Dockside Right: Spy Farrah


Lenses with a good amount of wrap, wide temples for full coverage, and rubberized nose and ear pads are perfect for active days on the beach. Look for frames with an 8 base lens curvature to ensure that your face is fully covered. These styles are perfect for sports like beach volleyball, wave running, wake boarding, and running across the beach. The rubberized nose and ear pads work with your sweat as you perspire, adding extra grip as you go all day.

For men, we’ve selected the Smith Dockside, beginning at $248 for frames and lenses. These sunglasses from Smith are available with Smith’s ChromaPop lens technology, giving you the most high-definition experience possible while on the beach. Choose a lens with a gray base, best for intensely sunny days.

For women, try the Spy Farrah sunglasses, starting at just $204. These sunglasses offer the high wrap curve, perfect for active lenses as well as a fashionable oversized style for an extra feminine pop. All of our Spy sunglasses are also available with Spy’s Happy Lens technology, built to maximize the sun’s best rays and blocking out the damaging rays. Added color contrast will bring the beach to life. Read more about Spy Happy lenses here.


Classic Collage


Left: Oakley Frogskin Right: ZEAL Kennedy

Left: Oakley Frogskin
Right: ZEAL Kennedy

We all know that sunglasses with a hint of Clubmaster or Wayfarer style are perfect for lazy beach days spent in style. But why go basic when you can try something new in a style made for everyone? Elevate your style and make everyone at the beach jealous by combining the best of these classic shapes with updated designs.

The Oakley Frogskin sunglasses are known for their original and iconic 1980s style inspiration. All of Oakley’s sunglasses come with their True Digital lens technology, meaning these lenses are precisely cut and ideal for you. The Frogskin’s are also available with Oakley’s new Prizm lens technology, optimizing the glasses for specific sports and environments. Starting at $324 for frames and lenses, these are perfect for a day at the beach or driving through the coast.

If you love the beach, you are probably like us in also loving the planet and doing all you can to protect it! ZEAL makes their Kennedy glasses with eco-friendly materials so you can be fashionable and show off your love of Earth at the same time! The frame is made with Z-Resin made from Castor Bean and their lenses are also now made with Ellume Bio-Plastic lenses. Be bold in these Kennedy frames starting at just $339 for frames and lenses.


retro image

Left: Kate Spade Livia Right: Spy Mulholland

Left: Kate Spade Livia
Right: Spy Mulholland

Nothing will make you more nostalgic for days at the beach than these retro styles! Wear them and be instantly transported to the 1950s beach parties and surf competitions of your dreams! Retro beach styles are all about bold frame and color choices, calling back to the golden years of Hollywood.

The quintessential retro shape for women is the cat eye. Quirky, fun, original, and perfect for the beach. The Kate Spade brand is one of the top brands for women and we are featuring the Kate Spade Livia, a frame coming currently in three unique colors. These feature a more oval shape, making them stand out on any face shape, especially rounder faces. Starting at $264 for both frames and lenses, these will make you the talk of the town.

The retro trend is all about fun, odd, and interesting shapes. It doesn’t get much more interesting than with the Spy Mulholland sunglasses. These geometric lenses are the perfect callback to the styles of the 1960s and 70s. Paired with the Spy Happy Lenses, you will be California Dreaming all summer long. These start at just $249.




Left: Spy Fiona Right: Von Zipper Trudie

Left: Spy Fiona
Right: Von Zipper Trudie

Beach bum casual meets city glamour with oversized frames, always perfect for the sun on the beach. Stand out while also protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from the harsh sunlight. With grey based lenses, you will have full coverage protection for your eyes while you lay out in the sun.

The Spy Fiona glasses begin at $189, a small price to pay for their big style. They feature a bold butterfly shape with unique wrapped frame detailing. If you’d like to stand out but stick to a more classic oversized style, the Von Zipper Trudie are for you. These frames are built for upmost comfort with durable nylon frames and impact resistant lenses. These $169 frames are as ready for summer as you are.

Right now save 10% on all prescription sunglasses by using code FREE10 at checkout! Get shopping and get to the beach!


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Eclectic and Electric: Elizabeth and James


Flirty and modest. Masculine and feminine. Casual and dressy. Elizabeth and James is all about combining the best of every opposite since, after all, opposites attract. Each pair of ultra-chic sunglasses or glasses perfectly combines designer style with contemporary trends to give you the perfect look without breaking your budget.

Designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and begun in 2007, Elizabeth and James has been known for its unique shapes and combination of trends that work together seamlessly. As they describe their brand, “Elizabeth and James brings together two dynamic personalities into exquisite balance. They perfectly complement one another in a beautiful contradiction.”

At Salt City Optics, we believe in individuality and making sure to keep our designer brands as accessible as a trip to the mall. We offer a wide variety of Elizabeth and James frames that perfectly encapsulate the designer/street chic/contemporary fashion melting pot that Elizabeth and James does best.

We have created a few collections of amazing outfits featuring Elizabeth and James optical styles. Take a look and create your own!

Bond Outfit

Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James Bond, $195 on Salt City Optics Dress: Elizabeth and James Lunai Dress, $85 on Purse: Women’s Large Bonded Tote, Merona, $39.99 on

Our first look featuring the Elizabeth and James Bond sunglasses is perfect for a night out and will transform you into a modern day Bond girl. Combining a classic purse from Target with a dress from the Elizabeth and James line, this outfit perfectly exemplifies the unexpected styling of an Elizabeth and James shopper.

Left: Free People Cocoon Pull Over, $47.60 from Lord and Taylor Center: Elizabeth and James Centinela Glasses, $180 from Salt City Optics Right: Open Shoulder Blouse, $39.99 from H&M

Left: Free People Cocoon Pull Over, $47.60 from Lord and Taylor
Center: Elizabeth and James Centinela Glasses, $180 from Salt City Optics
Right: Open Shoulder Blouse, $39.99 from H&M

The Centinela glasses can bring elegance as well as funk to any outfit. Pair these subtle cat eye glasses with a cozy pullover for a day reading in a coffee shop or with a cute and sexy open shoulder top for a flirty night at a bar. Either way, these glasses are sure to make a statement!

The Elizabeth and James line is made for the new generation, while still having so much love for trends of the past. What versatile looks can you create with your own Elizabeth and James specs? Be sure to send us a photo of your own creations so we can see the evolving style of our trendsetting customers.

Salt City Optics- Spy Happy Lenses
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Get Happy With Spy’s Prescription Happy Lenses

Spy Rx Happy Lenses

Get Happy with Spy Optic’s Happy Lens, now available in prescription!  If you haven’t heard all of the buzz about Spy’s Happy lens let us fill you in with a quick down and dirty on just how amazing these lenses really are:

The Happy lens was designed to maximize the sun’s “good” light rays, or long-wave blue light, while still having the ability to block out the “bad” light rays that damage your eyes.  This technology allows you to see the world’s beauty in ways you’ve never seen or felt before.  As Spy so simply puts it: SEE BETTER. FEEL BETTER.

The Happy lens not only improves your mood, but it also provides color and contrast enhancements that can be described as seeing the world in high definition for the first time.  This makes these high contrast lenses ideal for an active lifestyle and activities such as fishing, golfing, and mountain biking as they allow you to have greater definition between objects which helps to improve sports performance through superior optical clarity.

The Happy lens has quickly become a fan favorite which led to Spy incorporating the Happy lens technology into their prescription eyewear collection.

To see the entire Spy Prescription Sunglass collection and Happy lens offering visit

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benzo Round and Cat Eye
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Festival Style Roundup

Coachella may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t steal all of the hottest Music Festival trends for your summer fashion. One of the most important parts of proper festival attire is the perfect summer sunglasses. Whether you go with the classic Aviator or Wayfarer, or want to try something a bit edgier like circled mirror lenses, we have you covered. At Salt City Optics, we have our glasses experts hot on the trail of all of the must have sunglasses you need. Look no further to find all of the inspiration you need to make all of your summer dreams come true!

Trends to Love:

The Aviator:

Kate Bosworth Aviators

Kate Bosworth Rocking Her Aviators

You truly can’t beat the classic shape of the Aviator. Ray-Ban is the home of the original Aviator, made for pilots in World War II. Then, enter the 1960s and 1970s when the worlds of subculture, disco, and hippies made this style a true mark of a style icon. Navigate your way through all of your summer plans in a pair of these classic frames. If you are a bit nervous about the size of the original Aviators, like our Ray-Ban 3025, try the Oakley Caveat which offers the same style but made a bit narrower in the height to work especially well on our friends with rounder faces.

Ray Ban Caveat Collage

Left: Oakley Caveat Right: Ray-Ban RB3025

The Wayfarer:

Taylor Swift Wayfarer

Taylor Swift Rocking The Wayfarer like only Taylor Swift Can

The Wayfarer design is one of the most recognizable and most enduring fashion icons of the 21st century. Taylor Swift, always with her best foot forward in the style department, rocks her pair of Wayfarers and so can you! Ray-Ban and we at Salt City Optics offer both the Original Wayfarer and the New Wayfarer if you want something a bit different from the classic, while still holding onto that perfect Wayfarer shape. Pair yours with the same classic red lip as Taylor and summer won’t know what hit it!

Wayfarer Collage

Left: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 Right: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132

Round/ Cat Eye

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benzo Round and Cat Eye

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are always in Fashion

A big part of festival style is a callback to the styles of the 1960s and 1970s. Where would the style of those times be without the round frames sported by John Lennon and other prominent members of 1960s counterculture? Take your rounded frames to the next level by adding in mirrored lenses to give the style a bit of an edgy pop. Besides, then all of your friends can see how wonderful they look in their cat eye style glasses by looking deeply into your eyes, just like Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson!

Mott and Brigit Collage

Left: Elizabeth and James Mott Right: Kate Spade Brigit

All of these amazing frames are available right now on and there is no better time to buy! Enter the code Free10 at check out and receive 10% off of your prescription sunglasses order!

Persol and Scott Eastwood

Persol “Meet the New Generation” Spring 2016

Did you catch the behind the scenes spotlight put out by Esquire yesterday afternoon featuring the iconic Persol eyewear collection, with a glimpse of the highly anticipated launch of the spring 2016 collection?  If not let us fill you in.

Persol is one of the most iconic men’s sunglass brands to date.  The brand has manged to retain it’s popularity amongst A-listers and everyday men from the birth of the brand to today.  But as with all iconic, classic, timeless styles a “shot in the arm,” as Esquire so accurately put it, is very much needed from time to time. Continue Reading

Persol Men's Eyewear
Brand News

Iconic Sophistication: Welcome Persol Prescription Eyewear

Salt City Optics is proud to announce that we now offer the complete line of prescription eyewear from Persol, a company that is deep seeded in created premium handcrafted sunglasses and eyeglasses.  Known for their clean and timeless designs that are a perfect blend of current silhouettes, classic sophistication, and rich classic colorways, Persol is a leader in the men’s designer eyewear market.

Founded in 1917, through founder Giuseppe Ratti’s mission to create technologically advanced glasses, specifically designed to meet the high optical demands of both pilots and sport drivers who not only needed a comfortable frame, but equally as important, superior protection and optical clarity.  As a result, the brand has become known for both their innovative designs and groundbreaking technology.

Continue Reading

Oakley Tombstone ANSI safety sunglasses
Oakley, Product Reviews

Oakley To Release ANSI Certified Safety Frames

On December 1st 2015, Oakley will step into the prescription safety glasses market with the release of two ANSI approved frames. These two styles will carry the ANSI markings on the frame and will be available in a large selection of safety approved and stamped prescription lenses.

Long the leader in performance eyewear, the safety category has been a notable hole in Oakley’s extensive sunglass lineup. Their initial two entries into the market will be the Detcord, which is a more standard “dual lens” style that provides great coverage in a high wrap design, and the Industrial M Frame 2.0, which is a modified version of their workhorse M Frame “shield” design. They will also be adding a third style, tentatively named Tombstone, into the safety category in early February that will feature a unique shield design that is frameless on the top and the bottom.

All three of the ANSI approved styles feature slightly futuristic, industrial design language that appears to be equal parts space age design and 3D printing with a touch of Thunderdome thrown in for good measure. Continue Reading

Celebrity prescription sunglasses and glasses

The Seasons Best Designer Eyewear Shapes

Our eyewear has arguably become one of the most important accessories we walk out the door with each morning, even winning over our favorite handbag and essential black pumps. When it comes right down to it those of us who depend on our eyewear to get around or even navigate out way to the coffee as we slipped out of bed put on our glasses the moment we wake up and leave them perched on our faces until the minute we go to bed. In our humble opinion there is no better way to refresh or even re-invent your look this winter than with changing up your current eyewear selection. We’re not just talking about your eyeglasses those prescription sunglasses deserve an update as well.

We’ve picked six of our favorite styles from some of our best selling brands to highlight what we are digging this season. Scroll through to find some serious inspiration for your new go-to frames. Continue Reading