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SaltCityOptics Reviews

Salt City Optics is dedicated to providing an easy online prescription eyewear shopping experience, fast shipping and friendly, helpful customer service.  Read what our customers are saying about their Salt City Optics shopping experience.  Here are just a few reviews on their experiences shopping with us for their prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses: 


"Great customer service is nearly impossible to find these days on the old world wide web however these guys are the exception to the norm. SaltCityOptics not only kills it with the customer service but also has an amazing curated selection of top brands and styles to select from in the eyewear industry. They have a fantastic in-house optometrist who works with you while you are online making your purchase and the prescription lens options are spot on. I went with some “By RetroSuperFuture” Frames and transition RX lens and I am stoked on my selection. After fulfilling my order they kept me up to par as to when I would be able to sport these dapper scripts. Thank you SaltCityOptics for making me cooler than I perceive myself!" - Michael Cohen
"@LensCrafters Nah. I got a refund for the $330. Instead, I ordered the exact same pair from @SaltCityOptics for less than $160. " - @Mikelemovitz via Twitter
"If you need some new sweet prescription shades, check out ! You can thank me later" - @MagennMarie via Twitter

"Eyewear Veteran Puts Together Experienced Team to Lead New e-Commerce Platform.  After 15 years working for Oakley, Steve Genzler knows eyewear." - Transworld Business read the full article at
"These guys are the best and have GREAT customer service!" Matthew S. via Facebook

 "I just wanted to tell Steve thank you for working on my order and giving me a call about the status and everything. I received them last week and am in love with them! I'll definitely be ordering from you guys in the future." -Tyler G.

"Thanks to Cody for *excellent* customer service today. Will follow up asap." - @holaphil via Twitter

"Hey folks, just wanted to say thank you for my new Oakley Half Jackets. Just arrived in the mail today and man-o-man are they sweet! Special thanks to Steve G who very patiently walked me through the process and answered all my questions. Super product, super service. As Arnold S said, “I’ll be back.”" -Michael C.

"Thank you Steve , I have to tell you that your company does a top notch job in a world where mediocrity seems to be the norm:) Your attention to the user experience, customer service and follow-up are terrific." -Michael R.

"Recieved my glasses today, so stoked with them, thank you very much...I most definately will be using you guys for future!" -Daniel M

"I love my new sunglasses. They are perfect. My experience was great. I called about a week after I placed my order to see if there was anyway I could guarantee getting them before my upcoming vacation. The person I talked to said it shouldn't be a problem and he would look into it. The next day I received my shipment confirmation and had them 2 days later. Now I am all set for my tropical vacation!" -Amy L

"I am so impressed and thankful for! When I clicked to open the website a 20% off coupon popped up for any product! When I 'chatted' with the associate Ryann she was very helpful and HONEST. She found the product I needed, guaranteed that it was in stock for me, and could be shipped the next day. I was a bit apprehensive to chat or to put any stock in the words of the service rep, but the order shipped the SAME day! I am delighted with the savings and service." - Shawna M

"I just wanted to get back to you all to say thanks for getting my prescription sunglasses order to be me before my honeymoon. It really made a huge difference in the quality of my time away and made me a huge fan of your services. Ryann and Jeff were especially helpful in directly working with me to get what I needed, but I'm sure there were far more involved than just that.  You have made a returning customer out of me. I have sung your praise and virtues to my friends and family who will listen. You really do take the hassle out of buying prescription eye wear, and the value is top notch. Thanks again for far exceeding my expectations!" -Alex B.

"I had originally had my optometrist obtain Crizal lenses to fit my Oakley Split Jackets. The insurance company's personal lab created them in a few weeks and they were ok. It felt as if the prescription was slightly off, but the grey progressives worked fine. A chance run in with the corner of my car door pretty much destroyed one of the lenses, so I went on the hunt for Genuine Oakley lenses. A few days (not weeks) later, my Emerald Iridium lenses showed up. The Oakley lenses were significantly more expensive, and my insurance didn't cover any of it. But holy moley is it worth it. Not only does it feel like the prescription is spot on this time, but the clarity is noticeably better, colors pop, and let's face it, the green iridium coating looks cool as hell. I tried calling SCO to place my order, but was unable to get through to anyone but voicemail. I sent an email and got an almost immediate response sent from an iPhone, so obviously someone was working even when not in the office. The order was taken very quickly, processed even more quickly, and if it weren't for the snowstorm (or at least that's what USPS will claim) I think I would have received my lenses in less than a week.  Other than getting Oakley to drop their prices, I can't think of anything to improve the experience. Incredibly well done! Thanks!!" -Paul G.