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  • Oakley Five Squared Sunglasses

    Oakley Five
    Squared Sunglasses


  • Need Fly Fishing Sunglasses?

    A high contrast polarized prescription Fishing Sunglass lens is ideal as it allows anglers to better navigate terrain and also spot fish. Typically a rose, brown, or amber base lens will be the best option for fly fishing. Need more info? Check out our Pro Angler recommendations.

  • Zeal Range Prescription Sunglasses

    Zeal Range
    Prescription Sunglasses

  • Under Armour Edge Prescription Sunglasses

    Under Armour Edge
    Prescription Sunglasses


  • What to Look for in a Fishing Frame

    For Rx Fishing sunglasses we recommend selecting a frame style that has some wrap to it so that it curves around your head and provides good peripheral coverage. We also suggest looking for a frame with a fairly narrow earstem, this will allow just enough air flow to prevent the lenses from fogging. With that said a semi-rimless frame styles is ideal simply because without the frame on the sides and bottom of the lens you get increased peripheral vision and airflow which helps prevent fogging.

  • Kaenon Burnet Prescription Sunglasses

    Kaenon Burnet
    Prescription Sunglasses

  • Bolle Ecrins Prescription Sunglasses

    Bolle Ecrins
    Prescription Sunglasses


  • Fishing in Bright Light Conditions?

    If you are fishing in bright light or open waters we recommend a prescription sunglass lens with a tint that is not only polarized to eliminate the glare but also reduces some of the blinding light. For this reason a lens that is both mirrored and polarized  is a great option as the mirrored coating will enhance definition while the polarized filter will eliminate glare. 

  • Native Kodiak Prescription Sunglasses

    Native Kodiak
    Prescription Sunglasses