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  • Oakley Proxy Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley Proxy

  • Oakley Polarized Lenses

    Oakley offers their premium HD Polarized lenses in almost the entire prescription sunglass collection.  Different from most companies who glue a polarized filter to their normal non-polarized lens, Oakley's polarized lenses have the polarized filter engineered into them.  This technology prevents distortion and the loss of clarity that can occur by placing additional layers or filters ontop of each other.  Oakley's HD Polarized lenses will elimnate glare and are always recommended for use on water or in activites such as baseball, running, and fishing where high-glare can occur from the sun reflecting off of surfaces such as bleachers, wet pavement, and snow.

  • Oakley Kickback Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley Kickback

  • Oakley Crosshair Sunglasses


  • Prescription Shield Lenses

    When ordering prescription shields such as the Oakley Radar or Radarlock it is important to note that the prescription will not go from edge to edge of the lens as it would in a non-shield style such as the Flak Jacket.  Currently the lens technology does not exsist for such a large, high-wrap lens to be made in prescription without peripheral distortion.  For this reason, the Oakley Prescription shield lenses have a left and right prescription lens insert.  The insert is fused into the lens and non-removable but you are able to see the outline of where the fused prescription insert is in the lens.  This outline will be less noticible the darker the lens. For more information and to see an image of the insert check out the SaltCityOpticsBlog.

  • Oakley Pitchman Carbon 55 Prescription Glasses

    Oakley Pitchman Carbon 55