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  • Kaenon S-Kore Prescription Sunglasses

    Kaenon S-Kore


  • At Salt City Optics, we understand that you, like us, want and need prescription sunglasses, without the hassle and without sacrificing style. That's why we've created a one stop shop for prescription sunglasses -- from Oakley to Ray Ban, we offer top brands in the most sought-after frame styles, including round, square, aviator, sport wraps and more. And of course, all include a range of prescriptive lens options to suit your individual needs.

  • Eco Bali Prescription Sunglasses

    Eco Bali

  • Smith Audible Prescription Sunglasses

    Smith Audible


  • Polycarbonate Lenses 

    Polycarbonate lenses are the most common premium prescription lens material as they are the most impact resistant lenses available and also provide extremely clear optics. Both of these characteristics make polycarbonate lenses the ideal lens material for active lifestyles, sport performance, and safety eyewear. 

  • Ray-ban RB4202 Andy Prescription Sunglasses

    Ray-ban RB4202 Andy

  • Oakley Crossrange R Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley Crossrange R


  • High Index Lenses

    Patients with high prescriptions, typically of -3.50 or stronger, will want to consider High-index lenses as these lenses will essentially prevent patients from having that all to familiar coke-bottle eyeglass.   High-index lenses are a plastic lens material that is able to bend light more efficiently than glass or polycarbonate lenses which allows them to be both thinner and lighter.  These lenses also allow pateints with high prescriptions to select from a larger range of frame styles than would typically work for them as a regular polycarbonate or glass lens would be too thick to fit in the frame. 

  • Von Zipper Psychwig Prescription Sunglasses

    Von Zipper Psychwig Prescription

  • Spy Dirk Prescription Sunglasses

    Spy Dirk


  • What is a CR-39 Lens?

    CR-39 Rx lenses are plastic lenses that are often used in both prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses.  CR-39 prescription lenses are a pretty common lens option as they are a great value lens which will be significantly less expensive than a polycarbonate or glass lens.  While this lens will still offer great optical clarity and has a high resistance to abrasions it will not be as lightweight, thin, or impact resistant as a polycarbonate lens.  

  • Wiley X Gravity Prescription Sunglasses

    Wiley X Gravity

  • Native Kannah Prescription Sunglasses

    Native Kannah

  • Polarized Lenses

    Polarized lenses will be the most beneficial in environments such as water, snow, and wet pavement as the polarized lens will reduce the glare of the light that is being reflected off of the surface back into your eyes. Polarized lenses tend to be the darkest lens options and recommended for sports such as fishing, baseball, skiing, boating and any other outdoor activity where light is reflecting off of wet or bright surfaces.  For sports such as golf and cycling, polarization comes down to personal preference. Also, for lifestyle or driving sunglasses polarized lenses aren't always the best option as the polarized filter does not allow you to read LCD screens such as your phone or car radio.

  • Coach HC8161 Prescription Sunglasses

    Coach HC8161

  • Smith Contra Prescription Sunglasses

    Smith Contra

  • What Are Digital Lenses?

    A Digital lens is going to be your premium lens option as it essentially offers a "high definition" optical experience.  Patients will see the biggest benefits of a Digital lens in a high wrap prescription sunglass as their precise prescription will go from edge to edge of the lens preventing any peripheral distortion as opposed to a standard non-digital lens which focuses the prescription in the center of the lens.  In addition to eliminate peripheral distortion these lenses also provide a sharper optical experience, improved color contrast, and less glare at night. 

  • Native Cable Prescription Sunglasses

    Native Cable

  • Ray-ban RB3502 Prescription Sunglasses

    Ray-ban RB3502


  • Single Vision Lenses

    Single Vision lenses are the most commonly ordered lens as they only correct for one vision condition either nearsightedness or farsightedness.  Unless you have a reading magnification on your prescription and would like a lens that corrects for both near and distance vision you will want to select your lenses from the list of Single Vision options.  If you are looking to correct both near and distance you will want to select a progressive lens which is essentially a lineless bifocal.

  • Smith Guide's Choice Prescription Sunglasses

    Smith Guide's Choice

  • Paul Smith Shawbury Prescription Sunglasses

    Paul Smith Shawbury

  • Progressive Lenses

    A Progressive lens is essentially a no-line bifocal that corrects both near and distance vision.  Rather than having the traditional hard line of a bifocal with two distinctly separate viewing areas a progressive lens smoothly transitions from the top, distance, portion of the lens to the bottom, reading, portion of the lens.  Patients will only want to select a progressive lens if they have a reading magnification on their prescription and are looking to correct both their near and distant vision.  Similar to polarized lenses, for sport use, progressive lenses will be a personal choice as some patients like having the reading portion to view score cards for golf or bike computers for cycling, while others prefer to utilize the entire lens for their distance vision.

  • Under Armour Roll Out Prescription Sunglasses

    Under Armour Roll Out

  • Toms Marco Prescription Sunglasses

    Toms Marco

  • What is Your Primary Use?

    As you begin looking for prescription eyewear it is important to idenitfy what your primary use will be as it will help direct you into both the frame style and the lens options that will perform the best along with offering you the best viewing experience.  Identifying your primary use will allow you to look at what key factors you need to consider when selecting a frame such as if you need full peripheral coverage, narrow temples to prevent fogging, a close fit to prevent wind from hitting the eye, or a semi-rimless frame for unobstructed vision.  It will also allow you to determine what lens material and tint will perform best in your enviornments typical light conditions.

  • Oakley Two Face Prescription Sunglasses

    Oakley Two Face

  • Toms Bellevue Prescription Sunglasses

    Toms Bellevue

  • How to Find the Right Frame

    If you are looking for lifestyle sunglasses the main focus is obviously on the style of the frame and how it fits your face.  In general you will want a frame that sits comfortably on your bridge, and doesn’t slip when you move your head from side to side and up and down. If you are looking for a sport frame for fishing, cycling, golf or any other sporting activity you will want to make sure the frame you select has sport features such as non-slip nose pads and temple pads. The non-slip pads are essential when it comes to sport sunglasses as they actually increase the grip of the frame as you perspire which prevents the frames from sliding down your face. 

  • Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer 52mm Prescription Sunglasses

    Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer 52mm