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About SaltCityOptics


There are plenty of optical retailers out there to purchase your sunglasses and ophthalmic frames from. 

Then there is, a boutique company with a modern approach to the eyewear business.  SaltCityOptics is a breath of fresh air to an industry that can be as stale as that old cardigan of Mr. Rodgers (not that we can’t rock a cardigan from time to time, but we like to think we do it with a little style and in fresh new way).

So what will you find at SaltCityOptics?  The largest assortment of prescription eyewear and sunglasses online from brands that we deem stoke worthy.  That means if you are in the market for new Oakley cycling glasses, we’ve got you covered; or maybe you need new Kaenon sunglasses for the golf course, again we’ve got you covered;  or maybe you just need to be super fly on the daily with a fresh new pair or Retro Super Futures – you guessed it, we’ve got you covered.  But we’re more than just an online company with a warehouse filled with dope product; we’re a company committed to providing our fellow four-eyed friends a premium optical experience.   Which means our easy navigation won’t leave you digging through our site for hours trying to find what you are looking for, and once you find your glasses we promise you won’t need a medical degree to understand our product features and ophthalmic explanations because we understand what it’s like to be a normal Joe in search of glasses that not only make us look like Sean Connery (James Bond circa 1964) but will perform during our life adventures.  Our customer service is second to none. When it comes to prescription eyewear we realize that buying prescription glasses online is a new experience for many of you that’s why we strive to inform and guide you in a way that makes this process (which has the potential to be challenging), feel simple and familiar like that favorite old t shirt of yours.

This modern vision of the eyewear industry comes from SaltCityOptics founder and CEO, Steve Genzler.  If you happen to find yourself at lunch with Steve you will quickly discover he is a passionate business man, a big idea kind of guy, and an eternal optimist that believes life should be lived by doing the things that make you tick and surrounding yourself with likeminded people to share in the adventure.  These qualities and values have spilled over into SaltCityOptics business and culture tenfold.   At that lunch you’d also learn that after being an Oakley sale manager and with the company for 15 years he knows a thing or two about the optical industry.  Even with all that optical knowledge the idea of buying prescription eyewear online was underwhelming to him to say the least. Sites were hard to navigate, the experience was confusing, and with their cookie-cutter models and generic offerings these sites appeared to be talking to Milton from Office Space rather than to Steve, an active, urban-dweller looking for shades that matched his lifestyle.  

Two years ago Steve gathered a team of optical experts, creative-minds, and adventurous folks and SaltCityOptics was formed.  Since then we have never been shy to publicly declare our love for our SaltCityOptics team.  Packed full of mountain bikers, cyclists, skiers, snowboards, urbanites, all around adventure seekers, and optical wizards like you’ve never seen the likes of, they are pretty much rock stars – and we think they are awesome!   We’re a passionate group of individuals that’s striving to reinvent your optical experience and expectations, but we also know you’re more than just your eyewear and we are to. That’s why we’re serving you up fresh content filled with everything from our weekly adventures, to our favorite Salt Lake City hangouts, the best trails to run, and the best place to grab a cold one.